Why Helical Piles?

Helical piles are the responsible choice

  • The fastest, most flexible and environmentally-friendly deep foundation option available
  • ​Quiet, low disturbance installation

Not just for light loads

  • High-quality materials and custom designs for projects of all scopes and sizes
  • ​Helix design dramatically increases bearing capacity and pull-out resistance

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  • Installation specialists ensure rapid turnaround on your foundations projects
  • ​Averages 10 minutes per pile
  • Installation commences on the same day as arrival
  • Loads can be applied to the piles immediately after installation


  • An economical alternative to conventional foundation products
  • Dramatically faster installation time, reducing your overall Total Installed Cost

Environmental Responsibility

  • Almita helical piles result in a smaller environmental footprint
  • Can be safely removed and reused as required
  • No pre-excavation required and no need to dispose of tailings


  • ISO-Certified every pile is carefully inspected before it leaves our manufacturing shop
  • All products meet or exceed all CSA standards


  • Helical piles perform in a variety of soil and environmental conditions
  • Can be installed in remote areas with limited access
  • Customized solutions to address unique challenges customers face

Applications In Industry

Oil and Gas

  • Pipelines
  • SAGD
  • Mining
  • Modular Structures
  • Power
  • more

Power Transmission and Distribution

  • Transformsers & Circuit Breakers
  • Transmission Towers
  • Telecommunication Towers
  • Distribution Pole Base
  • Substations
  • more

Commercial and Institutional

  • Portable and Permanent Industrial Work Camps
  • Commercial Structures
  • Street Light Bases
  • Grade Beam and Slab Foundations
  • Slope Stabilization
  • more

Renewable Energy

  • Solar Panel Bases
  • Substations / Inverter Modules
  • Wind Turbines
  • Hydroelectric
  • Geo-Thermal
  • more

Residential and Municipal

  • Highway Sign Bases
  • School Portables
  • Manufactured Homes
  • Fense and Flag Posts
  • Foundation Underpinning
  • more

Almita Helical Piles Win in Head-to-Head Demonstration

Case Study
| Head to Head Test

ConocoPhillips Canada, Surmont 2, Fort McMurray, AB


Working for site owners ConocoPhillips Canada and Total E&P Canada, our client, Bantrel Management Services, required a foundation solution for the construction of a Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage plant in the Alberta oil sands. The Surmont 2 project involved multiple buildings and industrial facilities. The engineering and construction team wanted to determine the best solution: driven piles or helical piles?


Almita was invited to participate in a head-to-head pile installation demonstration comparing Almita’s helical piles against a leading provider of driven piles. The Almita team excelled to win the contract and provide the design, fabrication, and installation of helical piles for the project.

  • Significantly faster installation times
  • Ability to use helical piles in all required applications
  • Greater load bearing capacity in a shorter pile
  • Significantly quieter installation
  • Greater ability to meet tolerance requirements than driven piles
  • Easy removal of helical piles aligned with future reclamation commitments
  • Proven custom manufacturing capacity

Research and Development

True Helix

​​​​​​​The true helix on the helical pile allows it to be turned into the ground with impressive speed and accuracy and without the noise and vibrations associated with a pile driver. The addition of the helix also dramatically increases bearing capacity and pull-out resistance.

True Helix vs. Duckbill

The proper alignment and spacing of blades on a true helix minimizes soil disturbance. Other helical blades are pulled, not pressed into shape creating a “duckbill” appearance, that disrupts the soil during installation. Their torque to capacity relationship is not well documented.

Almita True Helix animation
Features True Helix Duckbill
More accurate torque readings during installation because there is always full contact with the underside of helix as it advances into the ground.
Higher load capacity because there is more shaft friction due to less soil disturbance.
When multiple helixes are needed on a pile, they follow the same path created by the lead helix.
Minimized ground disturbance greatly reduces pile settling and the possibility of surface water being introduced next to the pile shaft.

“See the numbers for yourself.”

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