ConocoPhillips Canada, Surmont 2, Fort McMurray, AB


Working for site owners ConocoPhillips Canada and Total E&P Canada, our client, Bantrel Management Services, required a foundation solution for the construction of a Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage plant in the Alberta oil sands. The Surmont 2 project involved multiple buildings and industrial facilities. The engineering and construction team wanted to determine the best solution: driven piles or helical piles?


Almita was invited to participate in a head-to-head pile installation demonstration comparing Almita’s helical piles against a leading provider of driven piles. The Almita team excelled to win the contract and provide the design, fabrication, and installation of helical piles for the project.

  • Significantly faster installation times
  • Ability to use helical piles in all required applications
  • Greater load bearing capacity in a shorter pile
  • Significantly quieter installation
  • Greater ability to meet tolerance requirements than driven piles
  • Easy removal of helical piles aligned with future reclamation commitments
  • Proven custom manufacturing capacity