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Industry Challenge
Short Deadlines

Fast, Accurate Analysis
Fast, Accurate Analysis Almita’s engineers typically turn a project from needs assessment to stamped design in mere days.

High Speed Production
Advanced semi-automated manufacturing equipment enables rapid production of high volumes of piles. Almita also stocks a large inventory of small diameter piles ready for immediate shipping.

Rapid Installation
Unlike traditional methods, helical piles do not require pre-excavation or curing time. This dramatically reduces overall installation time.

Meets Building Standards
Almita has obtained CCMC certification for all our piles up to 7" in diameter, allowing for immediate installation without a custom engineered design.

Budgetary Constraints

Cost-Effective Product
Along with Almita’s LEAN manufacturing process, Almita’s distributed products have been subject to rigorous testing to ensure product usability and satisfaction across all applications. This ensures minimal material waste and fast, cost-effective fabrication of this turnkey product.

Stock Piles
Almita maintains an extensive inventory of CCMC certified piles that are often the right pile for these types of projects.

Weather Constraints

All-Season Installation
Almita’s piles can be installed in any season, regardless of temperature including wet conditions.

Minimizing Disruption

Low Noise/Vibration Installation
The lack of noise pollution and reduced risk of disrupting sensitive equipment makes helical piles ideal for urban installations.

Fast Installation
Fast, efficient, installations minimize traffic delays and other annoyances to the public.

Tight or Restricted Access

Advanced Equipment
Almita’s diverse fleet of installation equipment includes small and light installation units capable of maneuvering in close quarters or low overhead clearance situations.

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Case Study
| Street Light Bases

Alberta Transportation, Red Deer, AB


Alberta Transportation and Highline Minuteman Electric needed to install street lights along the stretch oh the Queen Elizabeth Highway in Red Deer known as Gasoline Alley. This road is a twinned highway that frequently supports passenger and commercial vehicles at all hours, which meant the Almita crew had to be quick to keep traffic flowing and be focused on safety while working between the busy north and south lanes.


By using helical piles as bases for the street lights we eliminated the time needed for traditional concrete bases to cure and dramatically sped up the installation process. Designed to withstand the environmental strain of this area while supporting 70’ light poles, the custom helical piles we used on this project were 12” by 14’. With a compact but skilled team and small installation equipment, we were able to complete the project quickly and with minimal traffic disruption.


The project included project management, design, fabrication, and installation of 125 helical piles used as street light bases. By choosing helical piles over concrete, the client was able to begin installing street light poles immediately after we were complete, further reducing the time to project completion.

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