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Industry Challenge
Time Sensitivity

Fast, Accurate Analysis
Almita’s engineers typically turn a project from concept to fabricated product in mere days.

High Speed Production
Advanced semi-automated manufacturing equipment enables rapid high volume production. Almita also maintains a stock of pre-fabricated piles that are common to these types of applications. 

Rapid Installation
Almita’s specialized field equipment enables safe and efficient installation of helical piles anywhere!

Diverse Design Needs

Providing Customized Solutions
Almita’s in-house engineers and technicians use geotechnical data and load requirements to custom design each pile to meet the unique needs of the energy sector.

Strict Reclamation Requirements

Completely Removable
Although they are typically used as permanent foundations, helical piles are easily screwed back out of the ground at the end of a project, leaving little environmental impact.

Remote or Restricted Locations

Advanced Equipment
Almita’s diverse fleet of tracked equipment allows us to access all projects from remote locations, to restricted access.  We also have unique solutions for low overhead clearance applications.

Co-Existing with Landowners

Minimal Disturbance
Installing Almita helical piles requires very little equipment thereby reducing the environmental footprint. Almita’s installation process produces next to no noise or vibrations, minimizing the disruption of sensitive environments.

Case Study
| Modular SAGD Facility Expansion

JACOS Hanginstone - SAGD Expansion, Fort McMurray, AB


Almita worked with EPC Bantrel to design foundations for the supply line portion of the expansion of the Hangingstone SAGD facility owned by JACOS. Almita was contracted by Bantrel in October 2013 to design and fabricate helical piles and started installation in November 2013. This project included converting wellpad foundation designs from driven piles to helical piles while working within budget and meeting tight project timelines.


This was JACOS’ first large scale use of helical pile foundations on any of their sites, but Almita’s previous experience installing foundation systems for SAGD facility supply lines allowed for a quick turnaround and project start. Almita’s detailed HSE plan resulted in our crews successfully identifying an environmentally sensitive area on the project site and developing a plan to avoid any disturbance to the area.


Installation speed was excellent and Almita completed installation in half of the time set out in the project schedule. The resulting time and cost savings led to additional scope being awarded to Almita, and well pad designs originally slated for driven piles were converted to helical piles. Overall the project included 3000 helical piles at a cost of approximately $12,000,000, and it received extremely positive feedback from the client.

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