Almita's Message to Clients Regarding COVID-19

This communication is to keep you informed as to what's happening at Almita relative to the COVID-19 Virus.
Any specific questions can be sent to: info@almita.com

Almita COVID-19 Message to Customers Almita Pandemic Response Plan

Good Day,
As you all are aware, the impact of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) continues to develop and employers and employees are increasingly concerned about the risk of contamination. We, as a management team, continue to meet regularly and discuss how this affects all our staff - both our office and site staff - as you are all responsible for the frontline execution of work for Almita Piling.

Below is some essential information, practical steps, and best practices to help mitigate risks in the workplace. This information is to help and support you in navigating the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and concerns you may have.

  1. All sites perform daily toolbox talks around the most recent information and reiterate best practices recommended by the AHS. We all need to take our collective continued health seriously on an ongoing basis. Please visit the AHS website DAILY at www.alberta.ca/covid19 for more information and the latest guidelines and updates to share with our site workers.
  2. Self Assessment We ask all our field employees to complete a COVID-19 self assessment at the start of each shift, to ensure no employee has developed COVID-19 symptoms before the start of the shift.
  3. Encourage sick employees to stay home: When an employee calls in sick, particularly where the symptoms are associated with COVID-19, please err on the side of caution and encourage those employees to stay home. Also please follow the AHS recommended guidelines by visiting their website DAILY (website URL as noted above).
  4. Project Site Changes Including Meetings/Gatherings/Coffee/Lunch Breaks etc.:
    • Community coffee or water machines are to be removed. Workers must bring their own individual water and coffee containers to avoid virus spread and contamination.
    • Subcontractors will need to provide their own site trailer or eat in their vehicles.
    • Subcontractors are no longer allowed in the job site trailer for meetings, conversations, lunch (including the use of the fridges), etc.
    • Almita employees may use the trailer (if applicable) for lunch, warmups, and water facilities on rotational basis only. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • Site trailers are for Almita supervisors only. For orientation, confirm verbally; Orientations should be completed electronically.
    • It is now Mandatory to clean off and scanner with sanitizer cloth before and after each use.
    • Reduce the need to handle paper and pass it along to others. Scan and email documents as much as possible. This will mean using Adobe Acrobat to change and sign documents.
    • Keep social distance in the office and job sites at the distance recommended by AHS (6 feet as of the writing of this memo).
    • Find alternate ways to host site meetings, as required (i.e. video/phone conferencing to office and field).
    • Glove wearing is strongly encouraged so that Superintendents can visually see that people are adhering to a “no contact” policy.
    • All deliveries will be signed by the delivery drivers. The driver will sign the Superintendent’s name or designated name to avoid unnecessary contact.
    • Utilize a single source for subtrade sign in. Meaning, the Foreman texts/email the Superintendent the man count, and the Superintendent signs them in for the quantity of oriented workers agreed.
    • No visitors permitted onsite, unless scheduled and approved. This policy should be implemented immediately.
    • Field Level Hazard Assessments (FLHA) are to be submitted electronically through eCompliance going forward, either by email or text.
    • Ensure Subcontractor Foremen have been told that if any of their workers are sick, those workers are to stay away from the site until they have recovered.
    • We will be moving forward with electronic purchase orders and phasing out paper purchase orders going forward.
    • We encourage “innovative and imaginative” approaches to the hygiene solutions for site. Meetings, sign in processes, sharing where you’ve found materials/hygienic products so all will know where to find these things. If you have a suggestion, share it with us and we will help make it happen.
  5. Encourage healthy practices: We encourage employees at both our office and our project sites to engage in healthy practices as outlined by Alberta Health Services. Below is the current excerpt from the AHS website. To help protect you and your family against all respiratory illnesses, including flu and COVID-19, you should:
    • Wash your hands often and well
    • Avoid touching your face, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.
    • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
    • Clean and disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched.
    • Stay at home and away from others if you are feeling ill.
    • Contact your primary health provider or Health Link 811 if you have questions or concerns about your health.
    • When sick, cover your coughs and sneezes and then wash your hands
  6. HELP For Employees: We have employee assistance programs for all workers in our organization, as part of our benefits package, and we encourage all employees who feel like they need to speak with someone to reach out and make a call to our benefits provider. We are here to provide whatever support we can to each other, and additionally we will provide professional help for our employees should they require it.

In all instances please maintain confidentiality with all employees when they share medical information. If someone becomes ill, please contact your manager so they can help manage the work and risk on site. As we all work together to manage our way through this current situation, we encourage you to follow all AHS best practice guidelines and work together to stop the spread of the Coronavirus and other illness. It is in all our best interest to stay healthy and safe.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Ken Kraft, your direct manager or supervisor and any member of the leadership team.

If we work together, we can win the battle against COVID-19 together.

- Jeff Lloyd