Responsible for providing support to Welders and Operators for the manufacturing of Helical piles. This position requires the ability to understand and forsee strategies involved in providing materials that result in flow of materials and completion of work with the highest degree of efficiency. This position may lead into a welding apprenticeship or development towards a machine operating role.

Location: Guelph, ON

Work Envvironment: Production/Fabrication Shop


KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES                     

  • Work closely with other Labourers, Welders, Operators and the Manufacturing Supervisor to perform safe and efficient set up of work station, tools, equipment and raw materials for processing by welders.                            
  • Understand the importance of shop flow; craning, and transporting of milled steel pipe and plate, staging material, maintaining a clean work area, clearing finished work and packaging all finished goods.
  • Operate angle grinders, pedestal grinder, and various clamps and fixtures. 
  • Possess strong organizational, time management, and product management skills in handling multiple job priorities, performing a variety of tasks and meeting required deadlines.
  • Read real time production data and contributes to achieving productivity targets and maximize performance by seeking out creative and innovative ways to increase production
  • Apply required procedural markings to the product, including customer order #’s or traceability labeling.
  • Understand and applying I.S.O. and quality assurance and lean manufacturing principles.
  • Read and interprets work orders and has the ability to keep track of quantities of finished and raw goods.
  • Work with Lead hands and Managers to reduce waste and reduce costs within the welding process.
  • Understand the Hazard Assessment Analysis and commitment to applying safe work practices.
  • Ensure job specific and safety training is current and initiates requests for additional training as needed.
  • Fits up and welds various components for foundation applications.
  • Collaborates with coworkers (labourers and operators) to perform safe and efficient set-up (including adjustments) of work stations, tools, equipment and raw materials.
  • Understands various weld form symbols on weld drawings and understand size of fillet required.
  • Reads and interprets work orders and produce to specifications, work from drawings.
  • Welds on flat or horizontal plane geometry.
  • Applies required procedural markings to the product (such as customer order numbers or traceability labelling).
  • Understands various edge preps before welding.
  • Reads real-time production data and meets productivity targets.
  • Takes accountability for workmanship, welds to Almita’s quality standards and addresses deficiencies immediately.
  • Follows weld procedures and improves procedures within scope of responsibility which are documented and communicated.
  • Maintains a working knowledge of the latest welding industry advancements that could be utilized by Almita.
  • Conducts pre-job/pre-task inspections.
  • Ensures job specific and safety training is up to date and current as per training policies for all manufacturing employees.
  • Works with Lead hands and Managers to reduce waste and reduce costs within the welding process



The following are required:

  • High School Diploma
  • Experience in a fabrication or industrial setting
  • Knowledge of industry-related manufacturing processed
  • Experienced in operating saws, drills, grinders, pedestal grinder, clamps, crane, hoisting and rigging and various fixtures

The following would be an asset:

  • Machine Operator experience
  • Forklift License
  • Driver Log Book Training
  • Overhead Crane Training