The Drill Rig Operator is responsible for the successful drilling and auger of locations, including the safety and productivity of the crew around them. This role works closely with the Field Supervisor on site, which may include engaging with customers on behalf of Almita. The Drill Rig Operator is required to have knowledge of the customer and how drilling and installation directly impacts them. This role is a key position in the install process. They observe, identify, participate in, and oversee the safety and efficiency of all that occurs at an install site. This requires proficiency in all tasks performed by the site crew. They are familiar with all functions of each install machine and demonstrate an understanding of trouble-shooting methodologies, referencing best practices for necessary corrections as well as the effect of different ground conditions as they pertain to drilling. Drill Rig Operators have a strong foundation in machine maintenance focusing on operational systems as well as components and general diagnostics. This position is ultimately accountable for accurate and clearly documented drill records. 


  • Proficiently follows federal/provincial and company Commercial Carrier regulations and policies (daily pre-use, hours of service, load securement)
  • Can effectively setup and position drill rig in a safe manner
  • Can quickly and accurately read and communicate specifications and directions from detailed plans and drawings
  • Demonstrates a solid understanding of the factors drilling can impact following installation activities, including install specifications (such as torque and embedment), vertical and battered piles, limits (such as overhead power lines) and working on slopes or difficult terrain (including various ground conditions)
  • Demonstrated ability to complete drilling in most ground conditions
  • Demonstrated understanding of the requirement for pre-drill, and can explain the process involved
  • Ability to load/unload machines onto trailers and knows the correct method for chaining machines for transport requiring only minimal assistance
  • Demonstrates safe operating procedures (start-up, operation, stopping, etc.) and understands machine limits (both load and voltage)
  • Participates in the daily maintenance and cleaning of equipment (greasing, visual inspections of all hydraulic components, shovelling tracks, etc.)
  • Ability to operate machines at or near the upper limits, and in restricted spaces (relative to auger size)
  • Understands regular maintenance, required documentation and the safe operation of all machines used in the field and the shop (including knowledge of grease points, awareness of blind spots and swing zones, proper procedures prior to operation, familiarity with comprehensive pre-use inspections, daily logs, etc.)
  • Demonstrates good housekeeping habits by keeping the site clean and tidy to prevent injuries and property damage
  • Seeks out innovative ways to increase production and potential savings
  • Performs other duties as assigned


  • Analytical Thinking
  • Commitment to Learning
  • Initiative
  • Detail Oriented
  • Teamwork and Cooperation
  • Safety Orientation
  • Planning and Organization
  • Organized
  • Organizational Awareness


The following are required:

  • 339A licensed, or Red Seal Crane Certification
  • 5+ years experience, demonstrating a high level of proficiency in all aspects of the role
  • Installation experience in three different divisions of construction, such as T & D, Oil and Gas, Commercial, Residential

The following are considered an asset:

  • Team building and leadership training or experience is an asset
  • Basic construction experience is an asset
  • Basic mechanical experience is an asset
  • Knowledge of industry-related tools is an asset (sockets, wrenches and some air tools)